List of Teaching Strategies For High School Students

List of Teaching Strategies For High School Students

The strategy needs to be formulated teachers are as follows.

Present Mood, Setting Strategies Psychic and Physical Education Students in Getting Started.

Presenting mood clean (Allen, 2010), will be open until closing time learning the teacher needs to be done. This will affect the views of teachers who looks friendly and seemed more relaxed not tense. Which allows students to feel terayomi and comfortable learning that teachers do. The attitude of respect and empathy of teachers is needed when facing the new current students entered the classroom or going to class. Attention teachers to the students' condition, the condition of the learning spaces, student school supplies, hygiene whiteboards and LCD or equipment readiness, as well as on-ganggung little glitches that might need to be eliminated before the learning begins with the expectation of delivering the subject matter can proceed smoothly. Further according Tea (2009: 221-223), during the learning must provide services wholeheartedly with the way many students listen and build trust.

Tell them that it is important Lessons and as challenging Maybe

  • The submission that the material is important to solve the problems of students in the future need to be delivered to students, which certainly is an external motivation for the students to be more eager to learn.
  • Asking questions that link the previous knowledge with the material to be learned; is also the motivation for students;
  • Learning Objectives and Scope Submission Material Before Starting learning, is one strategy that can motivate students to strive to achieve the desired learning objectives.
  • Submission of the subject matter as attractive as possible, is also a strategy that needs to be done teachers, ranging from tone of voice, strengthening, gerarakan-motion
  • body, to use the media to make students interested and learning with pleasure.
  • Teachers need to understand the form of the material to be conveyed, may be material in the form of concepts, facts, proposition or formula all of this kind of material requires delivery strategy Different

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List of Teaching Strategies For High School Students
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